I have read over 3,000 books on a professional basis and The Invisible Hand touched me in a special way that really good books do.

There are many books about life and spirituality. Any prospective reader may, quite rightly, demand to know why he or she should be asked to pay to buy a new one. The simple answer is that this looks at the interconnectivity of a life. It celebrates the coming together of the emotional spiritual physical and professional wellbeing.

David Green’s voyage through his personal and professional life explores his experiences of the cut and thrust world of business but is overlaid by his overnight spiritual awakening which stopped him in his tracks.

It doesn’t attempt to answer critical questions and it is both non theoretical and non-judgmental. What it does do is to challenge me to think about what I am doing in my life and to think about and to find my own truth.

I found myself reading about what I know and what I do not know. I looked at things such as meditation, diet, lifestyle and what it means to have or not to have success. I really felt the truth and impact of David's experiences and the authenticity of what he has learnt first hand from his spiritual masters.

David does not preach or use his words as a weapon in a war of propaganda. It is uncritical of the reader. In its own unique way The Invisible Hand shows there is another way and that we are not alone on our journey. It gives incredible insights in how simple life can be if we become conscious of what each experience brings to us. It is based on the scholarship of every part of his life as well as those whose lives became intertwined with his.

Joan Watson is a Trustee of a number of high profile national and international charities including BBC Children in Need, has been a UN sponsored speaker and currently works as a consultant in management and ethics. She has gained over 20 years’ experience in the book industry and Senior executive media roles including Carlton TV.