The Invisible Hand: Business, Success & Spirituality is a book for those working in business, spiritual seekers and agnostics alike.

David Green has written a remarkable and rich first book, full of thoughts and observations, ideas and insights, hard-won wisdom that come from his experiences as a successful, driven businessman who stumbled across spirituality.

When I was given The Invisible Hand to edit I would have classed myself as an agnostic with no interest in meditation or spirituality. David’s message of never giving up, believing everything is possible and the benefits of meditation in daily life had an impact on me. I felt compelled to start to meditate and change some of my habits and am already feeling the benefits.

The Invisible Hand is inspirational and aspirational. There are many books about spirituality and about business, but few which cover both areas and bring them together.

The natural audience for the book is for those involved in or curious about Business, Spirituality and Self help books. It will appeal to the many readers of books such as Proof of Heaven, Conscious Capitalism, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, The Celestine Prophecy, The Secret, Autobiography of a Yogi, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Eat, Pray, Love and The Alchemist.

Karl has been a professional editor, writer and journalist for the last 20 years. He spent 11 years at the Financial Times and has worked for Bloomsbury, Simon & Schuster and other well known publishers.

Karl French